Our Main Structures

In order to serve our members Business life and offer best services to them, we are acting by two major structures.

Business Focused Structure

The Supreme Council of European Business is an organization of  “Strategic Coalition of European Business Association” that is involved in the economic and educational development of European citizens.
 The Supreme Council of European Business (SCEB) act through National Councils in various European countries, made of business people, scientists, artists, athletes, diplomats, politicians, and other professionals in numerous activity fields.
SCEB’s aim is to develop the business environment and quality of life of European citizens, by creating a platform where professional individuals gather to build a bridge between the people and governments for multilateral development in Europe.
By organizing monthly Business Community Meetings with presence of our members and distinguished guests from important companies, SCEB realizes connections between companies and their leaders in order to create a safe business environment to collaborate and to make business together. In these Business Meetings, every month having another hot topic, helps our members to keep in touch with the newest information about different interest areas.
By the signed protocols with multiple chambers of commerce, business people associations from various countries, diplomatic and economic missions of embassies, and other such organizations, SCEB offers a wide range of opportunities for its members, keeping members up to date with the latest information about all kind of businesses in Europe.
SCEB is present now in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, and will open new offices in Portugal, Germany, Italy, Russia, Azerbaijan, Canada, USA, UK, Hungary and others in Europe between 2019-2022. We are growing together with our esteemed members from all over Europe.

Sectorial Councils Structure

SCEB possess a strong structured organisation of “Sectoral Councils” which aids the members to be heard by government and public institutions in every country where SCEB operates.

Via Sectoral Councils in almost 20 main domains (Economics, Education, Health, Energy, Technology, Environment, Agriculture, Tourism, Transport etc.), the SCEB acts as a voice amplifier for its members. These committees will help and support state institutions by providing a real feedback from each activity domain, and bring fresh new ideas for proper development in the right way, thus beneficial to the domains.

Each Sectorial Council is composed by the members from the same business type in order to create a unique voice and strong feedback from deeper levels within the market. Each Sectorial Council has the obligation to issue a periodic document, addressed to the Government Institution, which contains the needs and methods to improve that specific Sector. SCEB names these issues “White Papers”, because these periodic issues always carry the most peaceful and constructive messages to the Government institutions.

Being a member of SCEB allows companies to gain exposure in a varied number countries, to reach the more markets, to know the demands and the supply of many other companies from a plethora of business sectors. On the other hand, they can reach the government institutions with professionally prepared White Papers.

Sectorial Councils in Each Country Where We Are
Offices in Countries by The End of 2020
Exclusive Business Meetings in a Year
Companies Met Each Other at Our Meetings

Why Choose Us


Our members come from different activity domains,culture, professional background, and professional achievements. Therefore, we are supporting all our members in order for them to achieve professional and business goals.


Every day, throughout their integrity and professional activity, each member becomes an inspiration for others, no matter from where they are leading their business.


We guarantee the transparency of transactions and information with all activities between our members who are in need of our support.

Global Business Community

We aim to become a global network business women and men of professionals and exceptional people all over the world.