Our Main Structures

In order to serve our members Business life and offer best services to them, we are acting by two major structures.

Business Focused Structure (B2B Platform)

The Supreme Council of European Business (SCEB) operates dedicated to fostering economic and educational advancement for individuals and companies in Europe.

SCEB functions through National Councils across Europe, comprising professionals from diverse fields such as business, academia, arts, sports, diplomacy, and politics.

Our mission at SCEB is to enhance the business environment and quality of life for European citizens by providing a platform for professionals to collaborate, bridging the gap between individuals and governments to promote comprehensive development in Europe.

Through monthly Business Community Meetings, attended by our members and esteemed guests, SCEB facilitates connections among companies and industry leaders, fostering a conducive environment for collaboration and business ventures. These meetings cover various topics of interest, allowing members to stay informed and network with peers.

Through partnerships with chambers of commerce, business associations, and diplomatic missions, SCEB provides members with valuable opportunities and access to the latest business insights across Europe.

Sectorial Councils Structure (B2G Platform)

SCEB boasts a well-organized structure of Sectoral Councils, strategically positioned to facilitate dialogue between members and various government and public institutions across countries where SCEB operates through National Councils.

Through Sectoral Councils spanning nearly 20 key domains such as Economics, Education, Health, Energy, Technology, Environment, Agriculture, Tourism, and Transport, SCEB serves as a catalyst for its members’ voices to be heard. These councils play a pivotal role in supporting governmental institutions by offering genuine insights from each industry sector and presenting innovative ideas for sustainable development.

Each Sectorial Council comprises members from the same industry, fostering a unified voice and providing in-depth market feedback. These councils are tasked with periodically issuing documents, known as “White Papers,” addressed to governmental bodies, outlining sector-specific needs and proposing improvement strategies. These documents consistently convey peaceful and constructive messages to government institutions.

Membership in SCEB affords companies the opportunity to expand their reach across multiple countries, penetrate new markets, and gain insights into the needs and offerings of diverse companies operating in various business sectors.

Sectorial Councils in Each Country Where We Are
Offices in Countries by The End of 2026
Exclusive Business Meetings in a Year
Companies Met Each Other at Our Meetings

Why Choose Us


Our membership encompasses individuals from diverse industries, cultures, professional backgrounds, and accomplishments. As a result, we are committed to supporting each of our members in their pursuit of professional and business objectives.


Every day, through their integrity and professional endeavors, each member serves as an inspiration to others, regardless of their geographic location or the industry in which they operate.


We ensure transparency in all transactions and information exchange among our members who require our support.

Global Business Community

Our goal is to evolve into a global network of exceptional professionals, both men and women, spanning across various industries worldwide.