Supreme Council of European Business (S.C.E.B.) is an organisation under the aegis of the Association Strategic Coalition of European Business.

S.C.E.B. works by National Councils in the countries where SCEB has a representation office. In these countries, every National Council gives opportunity to the business people, artists, athletes, scientists, public figures and so on, to be a member of SCEB.

All members have the chance to see and get to know the other members from every country SCEB is present in and can start to conduct various business opportunities with these certified members.

SCEB possess a strong structured organisation of “Sectoral Councils” which aids the members to be heard by government and public institutions in every country where SCEB operates.

Each Sectorial Council is composed by the members from the same business type in order to create a unique voice and strong feedback from deeper levels within the market. Each Sectorial Council has the obligation to issue a periodic document, addressed to the Government Institution, which contains the needs and methods to improve that specific Sector. SCEB names these issues “White Papers”, because these periodic issues always carry the most peaceful and constructive messages to the Government institutions.

Being a member of SCEB allows companies to gain exposure in a varied number countries, to reach the more markets, to know the demands and the supply of many other companies from a plethora of business sectors. On the other hand, they can reach the government institutions with professionally prepared White Papers.