Welcome to SCEB,

We are here to welcome you into an International Exclusive Business Community with great persons and companies already inside.

Joining to SCEB

  • All kind of Business People, regardless of gender.
  • Company leaders (Ex.: Owners, Shareholders, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, CEOs, Board Members and Other Top level Directors)
  • Scientists
  • Artists, regardless of their area of exppertise
  • Athletes
  • Former of Actual State Individuals
  • Former or Actual civil servants with high positions
  • Any other distinguished persons recommended by a SCEB member
  • By a recommandation and invitation of a SCEB member.
  • By direct application through our website.
  • By visiting our monthly business meetings and letting us to know you better.
  • Submitted applications are to be discussed by the Admissions Committee every Tuesday of the week.
  • A thorough analysis will be done on the prospective member. This can last up to 15 days. If needed, the processing time will be extended.
  • After being accepted, the applicant receives an email with the conditions to be fulfilled to be a member.
  • After the fulfilling the all conditions, the applicant becomes a privileged member of SCEB Business Community.
  • The amazing possibility to introduce yourself and to reach people who would be impressed by your business during monthly events
  • Attending to useful discussing groups held in every Sector Council and also being involved in debates about the newest legislative changes, dialogs about which are the expectations for ambitious business people who want to develop in a certain industry
  • The great possibility of getting useful consultation and experience proved advice from any council specialist or board member
  • Attending complex international events held by SCEB
  • The huge opportunity of finding the right customers through other members or other events participants
  • The privilege of becoming an event sponsor, and putting your company on a national and international spotlight
  • Guiding to access to governmental organizations
  • The opportunity to insert valuable perspectives as experts in press releases gave by SCEB
  • Long lasting relationship: lifetime SCEB membership
  • The numerous benefits of being part of a national and international networking environment
  • Entirely free participation to all SCEB events
  • Prestige of being a member of SCEB

Being a member of SCEB is a privilege and we select our members with a great rigorousity. So it is not the money matter in SCEB. Only after the membership request is approved by our  Admission Committee, applicant will be informed about the membership fees.

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