Sectorial Councils are integral parts of the Supreme Council of European Business. An effective Council system makes SCEB to be more responsive to the needs of the business sectors while making the role of the Members more relevant and more representative.

SCEB Sectorial Councils issues periodically investigation reports in order to develop their business sector and to help the public and government institutions with a great and real feedback.

What Are Sectorial Councils Doing Exactly?

1. They provide opportunities for sectoral input into the legislative and development processes.
2. They relieve the pressure of the business environment over the members and therefore contribute to the achievement of efficiency.
3. Councils conduct detailed search and investigations into an issue which may not be carried out efficiently and effectively by any other institution and therefore contributes to the right form of development of that business sector.
4. Councils can conduct public hearings where representatives or organizations and experts on particular subjects may be invited to give advice. This allows Councils to be more effective in making sound decisions while allowing groups of citizens a voice in business policy making.
5. Helps the public or government institutions and legislators by providing scientific and very well documented search results.
6. Enables the public or government institutions and legislators get full details in specific issues.
7. Make SCEB and its members perform many tasks at the same time which makes a better world for business environment.

Our Sectorial Councils :

1 .Food & Beverage Production & Trade
2. Public Health
3. Environment & Natural Resources
4. Industry & Research
5. Transport & Storage
6. Tourism
7. Communication & PR
8. Agriculture and Rural Development
9. Culture, Education
10. Legal & Social Affairs
11. Energy
12. Non-Food Production & Trade
13. Construction & Real Estate Development
14. IT, Technology & Telecommunication
15. Financial and Insurance Services
16. Automotive
17. Printing, Publishing & Media
18. Sport & Youth
19. Event Management
20. Services