Services we provide

We provide high quality services to our members in order to help and support them to increase & develop their business relations and connections. A part of these services are free for SCEB members and inaccessible for Non-members.

Having an international business environment and a professional  executive and advising team, a bunch of our services are easy to fulfill and succeed to satisfy and to meet our members high level expectations.

Being in a very dynamic business world, solutions for a company should not meet the another company’s needs. That’s why SCEB usually finds out tailor made solutions for its members.

Having the correct information is the most important asset in business. As in daily life, information is very easy to reach and very diversified, and the main issue is how correct is the information that we gather from web. So that’s why we are a genuine source of  information for our all members about their business partners and opportunities due to fact that all SCEB members are well analyzed before they are accepted in the organization.

Our Services

  • 1. B2B & B2G Connections

    SCEB helps its members to reach the correct business partners in national and international level. SCEB also supports its members to manage legal issues about its business, with the governmental institutions according to the laws of that country.

  • 2. Business Internationalizations

    SCEB Identify potential business partners from other countries and organizing meetings with them and can assist its members for each step to realize the abroad business projects.

  • 3. Business and Competitive Intelligence & Reports

    SCEB can supply its member with a business intelligence report about a company or a feasibility report about a product or a market.

  • 4. Evaluations & Certifications

    SCEB offers its members an Excellence Certificate with a previous evaluation made by a well-known international evaluator. This certifies members credibility and stability.

  • 5. Business Consulting

    SCEB helps its members to establish companies  and helps them to find the most suitable partners for their all needs in other countries where SCEB operates. In this way a SCEB members are always guided by proffesionals to establish and run companies in other markets.

  • 6. Monthly Elite Business Meetings

    Every month excepting july and august, SCEB organizes a business meeting with a very actual hot topic to inform its members and guests. Each of these subjects are presented by expert speakers in that domain.


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